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Cecily Walker – Yoga Instructor

 Yoga has been a constant in my life for 20 years. It has been a source for building strength and flexibility, managing stress, finding balance, and conquering fear in my daily life. It is my passion and my sanctuary.
With the guidance of my mentors and teachers, I have developed a practice and teaching style based on the importance of understanding functional anatomy, focusing on proper alignment and modifications to protect the body, and staying mindful, truthful and focused on breath.
Through years of practice and training, I have discovered a deep desire to share my love for yoga with others. There is no greater purpose in life than to help others experience the incredible benefits of yoga.
I currently reside in Cardiff by the Sea in San Diego. I am available for private sessions and group classes in the styles of Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, YogaWorks Method, Restorative, Prenatal, and yoga for children and families.


Cecily Walker has touched my life. Her graceful and attentive approach to yoga has helped me understand my body and mind better. I feel healthier, stronger and less stressed after every practice. She is a special person with a special gift. With each lesson she has built a foundation that I can now apply to my everyday life. I am so grateful to have found her. -Tanya

Cecily Walker has a love for yoga that resonates through her teaching. She is kindhearted and knowledgeable. She creates an environment that promotes health and healing by communicating clear and precise guidance. I can honestly say, Cecily is one of the most naturally gifted yoga instructors I have come across. I am thankful for her classes and highly recommend them to practioners of all levels. She will change your life for the better. -Philip

Cecily is knowledgeable, warm and inspiring. She helped expand my yoga practice to try poses I had struggled with prior to our sessions together. Her classes are the perfect combination of challenging and restorative. Her use of essential oils nicely complements her teaching. -Claire

Cecily is a fantastic instructor for both children and adults. She focuses on what the group needs, while still encouraging growth in the poses. She can teach yoga to all ages and levels. With kids she knows how to connect and adjust the energy based on the child and the attention span. She is thoughtful and kind in her teaching. I always leave feeling challenged and relaxed. -Sarah

Cecily’s yoga class was the highlight of my week. Her careful development of our skills and peaceful nature made me feel confident and comfortable. I am a beginner in the practice of yoga, and after taking her classes I am so much better, my body feels better and my soul is refreshed. -Christy A

I had the opportunity to engage in regular yoga classes taught by Cecily Walker. What a gift! Cecily is an incredible gentle soul and her love in teaching emanates throughout the entire class. My practice significantly improved under the guidance of Cecily, and I was able to feel the difference in my body and mind after each class. It was an absolute joy to take part in Cecily’s classes! -Leslie